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Not just another pretty face.

Gamer, writer, con goer, and I guess you can say cosplayer for that steampunk Deadpool thing

dieseljester AT msn.com

The Diesel who would be Jester:

So one of the first questions I get is “why the name” or “how did it come about?” This is a question that can only be answered in two parts.

The Diesel: My freshmen year of High School I had either the genius or the stupidity to enroll in a mainly Junior/Senior class for Basketball and Baseball in the spring semester. I was decent at Baseball… I suck at Basketball. Nevertheless, I gave it my all and would often get more charging calls thrown at me. The Seniors would joke “here comes Shaq Diesel!” when I had the ball. I had no clue what they were talking about but the name stuck. Fast forward to when I was in Drama in a different High School and was asked what my nickname was. Since “Shaq Diesel” was already a copyright name, it got shortened to just “Diesel”

It also didn’t help that I had a diesel engine car that you could hear starting up a mile away.

The Jester: continuing in Drama with a select improv club inside of it, aptly called The Strait Jacket Society, we tended to be the jokers, the tricksters, and class clowns. Eventually, working as the club’s tech director for a time, I was allowed use of the Jester surname to my own nickname. Thus, “Diesel Jester” was born. When I got email, that would then become my address and gamer tag that would last for over twenty years now.

Fast forward again to, oh, about four or five years ago when Steam Romance took a chance on me and decided to publish my first book. I was going to go with a pen name regardless. They didn’t like my first one and suggested that I use my email address name as it was more marketable for the genre. So, it stuck.

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