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So apparently having a few books out and expanding my social media presence means that I get to review books… for free! Yay! Hey, if they’re going to send them to me, who am I to turn them down? Anyhoo, so here you can find a listing of books that I’ve been asked to read and review. I’ll post the book, author, date of release, and my thoughts on it.

On with the show!

No, not THAT Mark Slade…

Mr. Zero: A Barry London Book
Read: 04/23/19
Release Date: 05/31/19

If you’re into a gritty, tough-as-nails, crime noir novels, then this book is for you. It’s non-stop, fast paced action akin to that of a Dan Brown novel… just not as long at only 155 pages.

Barry London is a fixer for a crime lord who is sent back to his old hometown to solve a little problem regarding a turf war. The only problem, little one, really, is that the turf war is between rival law enforcement agencies. In his efforts to resolve the war to the liking of his boss, he runs afoul dead bodies that keep popping up in his investigations, a firebug that torched a nightclub that he was in, and a few exes that still want to jump his bones regardless if they’re married or not! He does this all while looking out for friends and family who are just caught in the proverbial crossfire. Then, just to add to that degree of difficulty, he crosses paths with the mysterious Mr. Zero who shows who really runs things around here.

Sounds like it’s another night out on the town for our Jersey Boy Fixer.

I’ll be honest; I’m usually not one to read crime noir so this one was a bit hard for me to get in to with the whole host of characters that I had to wade through. It stalled and things got bogged down for me there for a time. But once our hero was hot on the trail during the course of his investigation, the reading was a lot easier and the story went a lot faster for me.

Pros: Very descriptive scenes that really make you feel that you’re in a gritty crime drama to the tune of Sandman Slim or Max Payne.

Cons: A ton of dialogue while the hero catches up on what happened to everyone in his hometown over the past decade.

Overall Rating: 3.5-4.0 Stars out of 5.

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